On Kolomensky Island

St Isidor of Yurieva's Church

On the bank of the Griboedov Canal next to Mogilyov Bridge stands the pretty five-domed St Isidor of Yurieva's Church which was built between 1903 and 1907.  It is dedicated to the 15th century saint who was killed in Yurieva by catholics for refusing to convert.  Yurieva is now known as Tartu and is located in Estonia and services at the church were also held in Estonian, which explains why the church is also sometimes referred to as the Estonian Church. In 1935 the church was closed and its priest was executed.  It was only returned to the Orthodox Church in 1994 and subsequently restored.

Location 26 Prospekt Rimskogo-Korsakova
Metro Sennaya Ploschad