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Alexander Column

Alexander Column

  Standing in the very centre of Dvortsovaya Ploschad is the Alexander Column which was raised in honour of the Russian victory over Napoleon and Emperor Alexander, after whom the column is now named.  Work on the monument began in 1830 according to a design by French architect Auguste de Montferrand.  

  The column itself consists of a single monolith of red granite which was transported from Finland and lifted into an upright position.  At just over 25 metres high and almost 600 tonnes in weight, it is the largest monolithic column of its type in the world.  Under the supervision of Scottish engineer William Handyside, a special crane was built to lift it into place which occurred in 1832 in front of a packed square, including Emperor Nicholas I, and the whole monument was finally unveiled in 1934.  On top of the column is an angel with the features of Emperor Alexander I, designed by Russian sculptor Boris Orlovsky.  

  The pedestal in inscribed "To Alexander I from a grateful Russia" and decorated with bas-reliefs depicting figures of Wisdom and Abundance, Justice and Mercy, Peace and Victory as well as with the shield of Prince Oleg of Novgorod, the helmet of Aleksandr Nevsky, the breastplate of Emperor Alexander I and the chainmail of Yermak.

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Location Dvortsovskaya Ploschad
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