Around Moskovsky Prospekt

Grand Maket Russia

  An interesting new sight in St Petersburg is the Grand Maket Russia which is a 800 square metre toy railway set representing the enormous territory of Russia and its various regions. Here in just one room you can see what Russia has to offer from Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, the Urals, the Far North and the Far East, which would take a whole lifetime to see in real life. The moving trains are just one of the features of the set, you can also spend hours looking at the models of monuments and houses, complete with everyday scenes depicted by tiny figures of people. There is also a night simulator where the main lights go off and the tiny lights in the miniature world come on. Although it is away from the centre and not too easy to find, it certainly is a fun way of spending a couple of hours, especially if you are travelling with children or if you have just reached your limit of museums and palaces! 

  To get there turn right out of Moskovskie Vorota metro station and walk south. Take the first left down Ulitsa Zastavskaya and then walk two blocks and turn right down Ulitsa Tsvetochnaya. The centre is located just a few metres down this street - you should easily notice its sign. 

Location 16Л Ulitsa Tsvetochnaya
Metro Moskovskie Vorota
Clock 10:00 - 20:00. Daily.