Novgorod Region

  The Novgorod Region is located in the north west of Russia and should not be confused with the Nizhny Novgorod Region.  The administrative centre of the Novgorod Region is Novgorod which is commonly known as Novgorod Veliky - ‘Novgorod the Great’; Nizhny Novgorod  means ‘Lower Novgorod’ and is named after the original ancient city of Novgorod.  

Veliky Novgorod

  Novgorod literally means ‘New City’ but ironically it is perhaps the oldest city in Russia and served as the capital under the legendary ruler of Ryurik in the 9th century before the foundation of Kievan Rus.  Later Novgorod became the centre of the Novgorod Republic, which existed until the 15th century.

  Tourism in the region is rather well developed thanks its rich history and location between Moscow and St Petersburg.  In addition to Novgorod, with its kremlin and numerous ancient churches and monasteries, other popular destinations include Staraya Russa - where Dostoevsky had an estate and wrote many works - and Valdai - home to the Valdaisky Iversky Monastery which stands on a lake.  The region has many forests and lakes and numerous nature reserves, including the Valdaisky and Rdevsky National Parks.