Leningrad Region

  The Leningrad Region has kept its Soviet-era name despite the fact that Leningrad has once again become St Petersburg.  It shares borders with the Republic of Karelia and the Vologda, Pskov and Novgorod Regions, as well as state borders with Estonia and Finland, meaning there are some limitations on travel in border territories.  The region is famous for fortresses, of which it has more than any other region.  This includes the ancient fortresses at Koporye, Schlisselburg and Ivangorod.  One of the imperial palaces is also located in the region in the city of Gatchina.  

Staraya Ladoga

  The Road of Life ran through the region during the Second World War to provide Leningrad with essential supplies during the siege of the city and many monuments have since been unveiled on this route. The ancient first capital of Rus - Staraya Lagoda - is also located in the region where Ryurik, the semi-legendary founder of Rus, is said to have settled after accepting the invitation to rule.  Another popular destination is the city of Vyborg which was once part of Sweden and then Finland, and retains a Scandinavian feel about it.

  The Leningrad Region has excellent transport links, and almost every point can be reached from St Petersburg by bus or suburban train.