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Aleksandr Baranov Monument

Aleksandr Baranov Monument (August 2014)

In the small park between the Nativity of Christ Cathedral and the city beach on the River Onega is a simple monument to Aleksandr Baranov.  Baranov was born in Kargopol in 1746 and went on to become a successful trader in Siberia and then in Russian America, eventually becoming the chief manager of the Russian-American Company.   He died in 1819 on ship after becoming ill in Java and was buried at sea.  The surname Baranov is derived from the Russian word for a ram 'baran'.  Coincidently Kargopol has another connection with rams, as one is depicted on its coat of arms.  This has led to the establishment of a Ram Festival being celebrated in the city, close to the Baranov Monument.

Location Park on Naberezhnaya imeni Baranova