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Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky is located approximately halfway up Sakhalin, a night train’s trip from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It was founded in the mid-19th century as a prison camp and named in honour of Emperor Alexander II. Today tourists are drawn to Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky due to its connection with the famous Russian author Anton Chekhov who lived here in 1880 while researching life on what was then a prison island for his book Sakhalin Island.

Basic facts
Name in Russian Александровск-Сахалинский
Status City-municipality and administrative centre of the Aleksandrovsl-Sakhalinsky District of the Sakhalin Region
Location On the River Bolshaya Aleksandrovka in the middle of Sakhalin
Distance 561km north of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Time Zone Vladivostok Time (Moscow +7)
Population 9,737 people (2014)
Founded 1862
Former Names Aleksandrovsky Post
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