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Dormition Eparchial Cathedral

Dormition Eparchial Cathedral (September 2011)

Construction of the very first stone cathedral dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary was started in 1215 by Prince Konstantin Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl on the territory of the Yaroslavl Kremlin on the Strelka. It was consecrated in 1219 and was a cathedral for the Bishop of Rostov and Yaroslavl. The cathedral was later destroyed by fire in 1501 and rebuilt in 1516 to a smaller scale. It was here that Metropolitan Kirill blessed Prince Pozharsky in 1612 as he set off with his army to liberate Moscow. This second version of the church was demolished in 1642 due to its dilapidated state and rebuilt in 1646. However in 1659 it was ordered by the tsar to rebuild this version as it was too small and was slightly damaged in the fire of 1658. The fourth version existed up until 1937 when it was blown up by the Bolsheviks and a park was set up in its place. The construction of the current fifth version of the Dormition Cathedral was started in 2004 and its exterior was completed in time for Yaroslavl's millennium celebrations in 2010. As of 2012, work is continuing on its interior. The cathedral now serves as an eparchial cathedral of the Yaroslavl and Rostov Eparchy.

Location Ploschad Chelyuskintsev, 2A Kotoroslnaya Naberezhnaya