Around Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovskaya

Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky Monastery

Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky Monastery (August 2012)

The Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky Monastery was founded in 1191 by Grand Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest of Vladimir and is dedicated to the Nativity ('Rozhdestvo') of the Virgin Mary ('Bogoroditsa'). During the Mongol-Tatar invasion in 1237 the monastery was sacked and all its monks were killed. In 1263 the body of Andrey Nevsky was originally interred here but moved to St Petersburg in 1723. In 1744 the monastery became a residence for the Archbishop of Vladimir and Suzdal. It was closed during Soviet era and its 12th-century Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral and 17th-century Aleksandr Nevsky's Church were blown up in 1930. The monastery was only reopened in 1991 upon its 800th anniversary. In 2004 the newly built Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral was completed and this was followed in 2005 with the completion of the reconstruction of Aleksandr Nevsky's Church and bell tower.

Location 68-70 Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovskaya