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Vladimir was the medieval capital of north-west Rus, replacing Kiev as the principal Rus city in the 12th Century. It is famous for its UNESCO-protected Golden Gates, Dormition Cathedral and St Demetrius' Cathedral. Often overlooked by its prettier neighbour of Suzdal, it nevertheless makes a perfect day trip from Moscow, but can also combined as a weekend break with a visit to Suzdal or with other Golden Ring cities.

Basic facts
Name in Russian Владимир
Status City-municipality and administrative centre of the Vladimir Region
Location On the River Klyazma
Distance 180km east of Moscow
Time Zone Moscow Time
Population 350,087 people (2014)
First mentioned 990
Founded 990 or 1108
Titles/Awards Golden Ring City
City Day First Sunday in September
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Top recommendations in Vladimir

  • Cathedral Square

    Go to Cathedral Square to see Vladimir's two ancient cathedrals and to enjoy great views of the River Klyazma and surrounding area.

  • Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovskaya

    Walk along Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovskaya to see many of the city's sights including the Golden Gates and the Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky Monastery.

  • Knyaginin Uspensky Convent

    Visit the Knyaginin Uspensky Convent which was founded in the late 12th century by the wife of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest.

  • Bogolyubovo

    Take a trip to nearby Bogolyubovo to see the stunningly beautiful Intercession Church on the Nerl.