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Rizopolozhensky Convent

Rizopolozhensky Convent (November 2008)

The Rizopolozhensky Convent was founded in 1207 by the Bishop of Suzdal. The convent is closely associated with St Yevfrosinia of Suzdal, the eldest daughter of Prince Mikhail of Chernigov. Yevfrosinia became a nun in the monastery in approximately 1233 when her fiancé died on the day of the wedding. From then on she dedicated the rest of her life to religion. In 1923 the convent was closed and only reopened by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1999.

The main entrance to the convent is through the late 17th-century Holy Gates which are topped with two tent-domes and attached to a pretty red chapel. Beyond the gates is the convent's main cathedral - the Deposition of the Robe Cathedral which was built between 1520 and 1560 as a pillar-less structure with three apses and five domes. To the east of this is the St Yevfrosinia's Bell Tower which was built in the classical style between 1813 and 1819 to commemorate the Russian Victory in the Napoleonic War.

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