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Aleksandrovsky Monastery

Aleksandrovsky Monastery (May 2013)

Located on the River Kamenka on the opposite side from the Prokrovsky Convent is the Aleksandrovsky Monastery. According to legend the convent was founded as a convent in 1240 by Aleksandr Nevsky after whom the monastery is now named. However none of the buildings from the time of Aleksandr Nevsky remain; most date from the late 17th century. In 1764 the convent was dissolved under the secularisation policies of Catherine the Great. Only in 2006 was it reopened, but as a monastery rather than a convent.

The monastery is partially surrounded by walls including the Holy Gates which date from the 18th century. The main church is the Ascension of the Lord Church which was built in 1695 using funds donated by Tsaritsa Natalia Naryshkin, the mother of Peter the Great. The white stone church has two levels of windows and is topped with five black domes. Next to the church is an octagonal tent-dome bell tower.

Location Ulitsa Gasteva