Around Ulitsa Gorkogo

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain (August 2013)

If you walk further down Ulitsa Gorkogo you will eventually reach a hill known in Russian as 'Lysaya Gora' which means Bald Mountain. It is believed to have originally been the site of an Iron-Age Dyakovo culture settlement formed by the Finno-Ugric Merya tribe before the arrival of the Slavs. A later legends says how a Tatar khan was buried here after he was killed besieging Gorokhovets in the 16th century. However it is its natural surroundings rather than its history which mainly attracts tourists, being one of the most picturesque places in what is already a very picturesque city. From Bald Mountain a spectacular view opens up of the left-bank of the River Klyazma where completely unspoiled forests run all the way to the horizon. It is definitely worth the walk here!

Location Ulitsa Gorkogo