Tver Region

The Tver Region is located in north-west European Russia and is one of the most popular regions among tourists.  It is in the Tver Region that one of Russia's greatest rivers - the Volga - has its source.  Lake Seliger is considered to the be gem of the region and is a popular destination for nature-loving tourists.  In addition, the annual Seliger Youth Forum is also held nearby in the historical city of Ostashkov.  The main railway line connecting the two capitals of Moscow and St Petersburg runs through the Tver Region.


The administrative centre is Tver which was once the capital of a powerful mediaeval principality which rivalled Moscow.  Sadly though no buildings from this era remain.  However, it is nevertheless a pleasant city on the Volga and a popular stop for cruise ships.  Other historical cities in the region are Kalyazin, Kashin, Rzhev, Staritsa and Vishny Volochek.  The Nashestvie Festival - the biggest rock festival in Russia - is held annually in Bolshoe Zavidovo.