East of the River Tupitsa

Svyato-Bogorodichny Scheglovsky Monastery

The Svyato-Bogorodichny Scheglovsky Monastery was founded in 1859 using the funds of a Moscow merchant on the outskirts of Tula at the location of the archbishop's summer residence. Walls were built around the monastery which incorporated the monastery's first church - the Dormition Church - which was completed in 1863. The monastery's main cathedral - the Nursing Madonna Icon Cathedral - was consecrated in 1864 and this was later joined by St Nicander of Pskov's Church in 1889. By 1922 the whole monastery had been closed down and its monks were forced to leave. In 1990 the territory and buildings were returned to the Orthodox Church which re-established the monastery in 1991.

Location 1 Ulitsa Lizy Chakinoy
Website http://obitel-tula.narod.ru