Tula Region

  The Tula Region is located in the centre of European Russia.  The most historic cities in the region are Tula, Bogoroditsk, Belyov and Yepifan. In addition the there are several unique historical sites in the region.  For example the Yasnaya Polyana Estate where the writer Lev Tolstoy was born and spent most of his life and is now also buried.  The estate of the artist Vasili Polenov is also located in the region. Kulikovo Field was the scene of Dmitri Donskoy's historic victory over the forces of the Golden Horde, which is considered the first step of Russians freeing themselves from the Mongol-Tatar Yoke.  Of course there is also the Tula Kremlin in Tula.


  The Tula Region is also linked with some famous Russian brands.  For example Tula samovars (Russian water boilers), Tula pryanik (a type of gingerbread), Tula's arms factory, Filimonovo tradition ceramic toys and Belyov pastilles.  Tula has museums dedicated to its weapons and pryaniks.  In addition the village of Krapivna has an annual nettle festival (nettle in Russian is krapiva).