Tambov Region

  The Tambov Region, often called Tambovschina (Tambov Lands), is located south-west of Moscow.  The region has made the Tambov wolf into its own regional brand.  The phrase comes from a saying "the Tambov wolf is your comrade" which is used to let the person you say it to know that he is not your comrade! Souvenirs bearing images of wolves can be brought in souvenir shops across the region.


  Tambov is the region's administrative centre and although it is not rich in tourist attractions it is a pleasant city.  The city of Michurinsk is the region's second city and is famous as a science city especially in the sphere of horticulture.  The botanist Ivan Michurin worked in city which was later renamed in his honour.  Many people will even argue that the Tambov Region has the tastiest apples and potatoes thanks to Michurin's work on selection.  Rural tourism is also popular in the region and it is possible to rent a house in the countryside to get back to nature.

In addition the Sergei Rakhmaninov Museum-Estate is located in the village of Ivanovka.  It was here that the famous composer spent his summers.