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Zaraisk's main attraction is its simple yet impressive kremlin. It has also been named a Historical City of Russia due to the amount of surviving 18th and 19th century buildings here. Although the city does not have great transport links, you can visit as a day trip from Moscow by bus. Alternatively you can break up the trip by stopping in Kolomna.


Basic facts
Name in Russian Зарайск
Status City and administrative centre of the Zaraisk District of the Moscow Region
Location On the River Osyotr
Distance 145km south-east of Moscow
Time Zone Moscow Time
Population 24,142 people (2014)
First Mentioned 1146
Former names Osyotr, Krasny, Novgorodok-na-Osetre, Nikolo-Zarazskoy-na-Osetre
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Top recommendations in Zaraisk

  • Zaraisk Kremlin

    Walk around the Zaraisk Kremlin and admire its impressive walls and cathedrals.

  • Museums

    Visit the Zaraisk Historical and Architectural Museum which is located in what used to be the Trinity Cathedral and the Anna Golubkina House-Museum which showcases the work of the famous sculptor who was born and died in Zaraisk.