Goncharov Estate

Goncharov Estate (June 2009)

The Goncharov Estate is the best preserved of Yaropolets' two estates, which can be explained due to the connection it has with Russia's favour poet, Aleksandr Puskhin. After Petro Doroshenko's death the estate passed to his son Aleksandr Petrovich Doroshenko; then to his daughter Yekaterina. Yekaterina married Aleksandr Zagryazhsky and it was during this time in the 1780s that the estate's main house was constructed. Their granddaughter Natalia, who was born in here, married Nikolai Afansievich Goncharov and had six children together. In 1831 their daughter Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova married Aleksandr Pushkin in Moscow. Natalia spend a lot of her childhood at the Goncharova Estate and returned several times after her marriage along with her husband. The estate was confiscated from the Goncharov family after the revolution and used as a museum and as a school. It was heavily damaged during the Nazi occupation of Yaropolets, but has since been restored. The estate now houses a sanatorium, but the grounds are still open to tourists. In front of the main building is a statue of Aleksandr Pushkin.

Location Ulitsa Pushkinskaya