Dubrovitsy Estate

Dubrovitsy Estate (Autumn 2008)

The Dubrovitsy Estate was first mentioned in 1627 and since then has been held by the Morozov, Golitsyn, Potyomkin and Dmitriev-Mamonov noble families. It is probably most associated with the Golitsyn family who held the estate for over 100 years and were responsible for developing it. The Estate House which was built between 1750 and 1753 by Prince Boris Golitsyn's grandson Sergey Alekseevich. Behind the house steps lead down to the picturesque River Desna. Also located on the estate is a beautiful lime tree garden.

Our Lady of the Sign Church

Our Lady of the Sign Church, Dubrovitsy Estate (Autumn 2008)The main sight at the estate is not the estate house but the estate’s church - the Our Lady of the Sign Church. Prince Boris Golitsyn, a tutor and supporter of Peter the Great, had the church built on a hill where the River Desna meets the River Pakra.  It was consecrated in 1704. It is an example of Western-European inspired baroque church architecture and is unique among Russian churches. The white stone church is decorated on the outside with intricate engravings of flowers and inside with engravings of saints and angels; its tower is topped with a golden crown. It really is a masterpiece of architecture and unusual for Russian churches. Seeing it is worth a trip to Podolsk alone.

Location Dubrovitsy settlement (posyolok)