Melikhovo Estate

Just outside of Chekhov is the Melikhovo Estate which is now part of the Literary and Memorial Museum-Reserve of Anton Chekhov. Chekhov bought the estate in 1892 after his return from Sakhalin and lived here until in 1899 when he sold up and moved to Yalta where he hoped the warm climate would be beneficial for his deteriorating health. The estate is of course a must for Chekhov fans, but for everyone else the estate is worth visiting to see an excellent example of a 19th century Russian estate and to walk around and admire the beautiful, well-kept and tranquil grounds. The estate is accessed through the Theatre and Exhibition Hall, outside which stands a Monument to Anton Chekhov.

Main House and Kitchen House

The Main House of the estate is located next to a pond near to the entrance. Inside you can see how the house looked when Chekhov lived and worked there. The biggest and most interesting room is Chekhov's study, where his writing desk has views out of large windows onto the gardens. Its walls are decorated with portraits of friends and acquaintances of Chekhov and its bookcases filled with ancient tomes. Chekhov also shared the house with his father Pavel and sister Maria and both of their rooms are also on display. Next to the main house is the estate's well and then the separate kitchen building which can also be visited. The kitchen has been restored to show people how a typical 19th-century estate kitchen would have looked, complete with cooking utensils of the time.

Seagull Cottage

The small and cosy-looking cottage at the back of the grounds situated among the orchards has become known as the Seagull Cottage as it was here in 1895 that Chekhov wrote The Seagull, one of his most famous plays. Inside, the cottage has three rooms, one with a bed and one with a writing table.


The grounds of the estate are especially beautiful, complete with ponds and even a path named the Alley of Love which leads around them. In the west of the estate there is a Bust of Chekhov. Immediately outside the Main House is a garden known as the South of France Plot which has many beautiful wild flowers, which Chekhov had a good view of when sat at his writing desk. Further back are orchards and a banya.

Location village of Melikhovo
Clock 10:00 -16:00. Closed on the last Friday of the month.