Moscow Federal City

Russia's capital city of Moscow represents a constituent entity of the Russian Federation in itself, known as the Moscow Federal City.  It is one of two federal cities, the other being St Petersburg.  Previously the boundaries of the Moscow Federal City were more or less formed by the MKAD ring-road which encircles the capital, but in July 2012 this area was considerably expanded by including the neighbouring cities of Zelenograd, Moskovsky and Troitsk. Now the boundaries cover over 2,500 square kilometres and contain a population of over 11.5 million, making it the most densely populated constituent entity of Russia.  The new territory is sometimes referred to as New Moscow (Novaya Moskva) and now means that the Moscow Federal City also shares a border with the Kaluga Region, whereas before it was located totally inside the Moscow Region.  As can be expected for a region incorporating the capital city, the transport infrastructure is very well developed.