Kursk Region

  The Kursk Region is located on the south-western border of Russia.  It is located in the area known as the Black Earth territory due to its fertile soil.  In fact black earth from the Kursk Region is even displayed in several European museums as an example of fertile soil.


  The history of the Kursk Region is directly linked with the events of the Second World War as here, and in the neighbouring Belgorod Region, the Battle of the Kursk Salient was fought which turned out to be the breaking point of the Wehrmacht.  In Kursk, there is a memorial complex dedicated to the battle.

  One of the main sights in the region is the Kurskaya Korennaya Hermitage - the spiritual centre of the region - which is located in Svoboda. It was here that the revered Our Lady of the Kursk Root Icon was discovered, although today the icon is kept in New York.  Other places worth visiting in the region are the Marino Estate, located near to the city of Lgov, and the historical city of Rylsk.