Rusmania is a tour operator that specialises in just one destination, albeit a big one - Russia. After all there is a lot of Russia to specialise in. Russia is the world’s largest country and covers 11 time zones from the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea in the west up to the Pacific Ocean in the east; in what other country can you find a tropical beach and the arctic circle?   


  We offer tours to parts of Russia that we have personally visited, taking into account all the nuances of the specific destination when organising your trip (weather, seasonal conditions, distances, local customs and accommodation options).

  We don’t just offer you the most popular destinations but also places as yet untouched by mass tourism, which you would probably not be able to visit yourself without speaking Russian or knowing local people. It is in these places that you will see the real Russia, away from tourist traps and tacky attractions.

  Would you like to see more of Russia than what is usually included in standard tours? Then we can help you. The Golden Ring of Russia, the Russian Capitals of St Petersburg and Moscow, the Trans-Siberian Railway - these are classic Russian tours, but how about the Silver Ring of Russia, the Romanovs’ Last Route, the War and Peace Tour, the Trans-Siberian Railway via the Southern Siberia Mountains, via the Baikal-Amur Railway or on to North Korea, an Arctic Trip along the most northern railway in the world, Siberian Cruises along great rivers through pristine nature, the Russian Section of the Silk Road and much more. We can put together a tour depending on your interests, your preferred method of traveling, the best accommodation options, the preferred pace of travel and the sights you really want to visit.

  We organise both day or weekend trips from various cities and unique programmes of one, two, three or even more months; after all Russia is such a big country you need time to see it.

  If you prefer to travel independently but are not sure how to plan the trip - we provide  separate services such as booking transfers, train, plane and boat tickets, guide service, and accommodation, so you can have peace of mind on your independent trip that everything has been properly booked and planned. 

  Our tours will always be cheaper than the same tours offered by a travel agency in your own country, as we are based in Russia and work directly with suppliers - transport companies, guides, museums and local people.

  We try to only work with local providers and small family businesses to make your trip unique and unforgettable and at the same time to support local businesses in different parts of Russia.

  We love creating new routes and itineraries, combining in one tour various means of transport, different activities and experiences, a range of destinations and accommodation less known among foreign travellers.  Russia is unlike any other country and we believe it cannot fail to impress. We are sure that once you have visited Russia you will want to come back again and again.

United Federal Register of Russian Tour Operators number: РТО 015504


Principal State Registration Number | 1157746417938

Taxpayer Identification Number | 7725272533

Legal Address | office 3A, bld.16, Ulitsa Malaya Tulskaya, Moscow, 115191

To help publicise Russia’s potential for tourists we have developed an online travel guide to Russia where our clients and partners can learn more about Russian destinations, routes, sights and itineraries, as well as about Russian culture, traditions and history. We hope the guide will help rectify the lack of information available in English about Russia, especially about smaller towns and remote places.