Sights in Raifa

On the Shore of Raifskoe Lake

Raifsky Bogoroditsky Monastery

The only reason to come to Raifa is to see the Raifsky Bogoroditsky Monastery which stands in picturesque surroundings on Raifskoe Lake. The monastery was founded in 1613 when a hermit called Filaret built a monastic cell for himself on the banks of the lake. The community of... Read more »

Reconciliation Monument

  • shore of Raifskoe Lake

In 2006 a monument was unveiled on the road leading up to the Raifsky Bogoroditsky Monastery in a ceremony attended by the President of Tatarstan, the director of the FSB and other officials, including those from the monastery and Muslim representatives. The monument is entitled the Reconciliation Monument... Read more »