Transport in Volgograd

  Volgograd-1 Railway Station

  Volgograd’s main railway station is the Volgograd-1 Railway Station. It is a historical building built in the Stalinist Empire style in 1954. The three-storey building has an elevated central part in the form of a tower with a spire and the arch over the entrance includes a sculptural composition entitled "The Apotheosis of Labour".

  The station is located in the centre of the city just in 1km from the embankment. To get to the main Prospekt Lenina street (Проспект Ленина) walk along Ulitsa Komsomolskaya (ул. Комсомольская) which is on the left from the railway station (if standing with your back to the station). If you walk along Ulitsa Gogolya (ул. Гоголя) you will get the central Ploschad Pavshikh Boitsov.

A suburban railway station is located in the same building as Volgograd-1 Railway Station.

Location 1 Privokzalnaya Ploschad (Привокзальная Площадь д.1)
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  Volgograd Bus Station

  The central bus station in Volgograd is located in 500m from Volgograd-1 Railway Station. To get there cross the railway tracks via the bridge and turn right at the first turn. The bus station serves not only regional routes but also routes to cities such as Moscow, Elista, Pyatigorsk, Elton, Rostov-on-Don.

Location 11 Ulitsa Balonina (ул. Балонина д.11)

  Volgograd Rivert Port

  Volgograd has the largest river port in Russia and Europe. At present, the river port is more of a recreational centre, rather than atransport  hub. Inside the station are restaurants, cafes, a fitness centre and nightclubs.

  However there are still cruises to/from Volgograd: Astrakhan (2 days), Saratov (3 days), Kazan (4 days), Moscow (12 days), St Petersburg (12 days). It is also possible to get a short river cruise along the Volga or take a ferry to the other side of the river to see the city from the water. 

  Volgograd International Airport

  Volgograd's airport is located about 16km from the city centre in the settlement of Gumrak. Bus No. 6 runs between the airport and the Alleya Geroev (Аллея Героев) bus station in the centre. It runs about every 15 minutes and takes around 30 minutes.

Location Gumrak (посёлок Гумрак)
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Getting to/from Volgograd


About 3 trains a day leave Moscow for Volgograd. The best and quickest one is the Volgograd premium train. It leaves Moscow around midday and arrives in Volgograd in the early morning, 19 hours later. This train leave from Moscow's Paveletsky Railway Station (Павелецкий вокзал).

Buses for Volgograd leave from the bus station next to Moscow's Paveletsky Railway Station. There are 4 direct buses to the city. There are also some buses which are headed to Elista and Astrakhan and leave from Orekhovo bus station (Orekhovo metro station - станция метро Орехово). It takes approximately 16 hours.

There are about 8 daily flights from Moscow to Volgograd from all three main airports of Moscow. It takes about 2 hours.




There is one direct train from St Petersburg's Moskovsky Railway Station (Московский вокзал). The train leaves every other day and takes about 33 hours.

The only daily flight from St Petersburg leaves three times a week and takes 2½ hours.