Transport in Yaroslavl

  Yaroslavl is the unofficial capital of Golden Ring so it has a very good transport connection with many cities of this route by bus, by water, and by train or electrichka. Also Yaroslavl is located on the Trans-Siberian Railway which makes it a very convenient place to start a trip along the route after exploring the cities of the Golden Ring. Another route is to expore Moscow then go around the Golden Ring route and in Yarolsavl or Ivanovo get an overnight train to St Petersburg to continue your trip.

  Yaroslavl Glavny Railway Station

Yaroslavl - Glavny railway station

There are two railway stations in Yaroslavl.  The main one is Yaroslavl-Glavny (Ярославль-Главный) Railway Station which is located about 2.5km from the city centre.  To get from this railway station to the centre you can either walk or take minibus (marshrutka) No. 81, No. 76 or No. 45 or bus No. 8, No. 6 or No. 72 which stop in the historical centre.

Location 1 Privokzalnaya Ploschad (Привокзальная пл., 1)
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  Yaroslavl - Moskovsky Railway Station

Yarolsavl - Moskovsky railway station

Yaroslavl-Moskovsky (Ярославль-Московский) Railway Station is the old station which is also located 2.5km from the city centre on the other side of the River Kotorosl.  From here many forms of public transport go to the historical centre of Yaroslavl, including buses No. 13, No. 16, No. 41, No. 42 and No. 72 and minibuses No. 81, No. 82 and No. 94.  Bus No. 72 and minibus No. 81 also go to Yaroslavl-Glavny Railway Station. Located close to Yaroslavl-Moskovsky Railway Station is Yaroslavl Bus Station. Therefore Yaroslavl-Moskovsky is more convenient if you need the bus station upon arrival, otherwise Yaroslavl-Glavny is better for a trip to Yaroslavl itself.

Location 1 Ploschad Podvoiskogo (пл. Подвойского, 1)
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  Yaroslavl Bus Station

Yaroslavl Bus station

Yaroslavl Bus Station is located 1km from Yaroslavl-Moskovsky Railway Station.  To get to the bus station from Yaroslavl-Moskovsky Railway Station you can either walk or take any bus running along Moskovsky Prospekt from the centre.

There is also a small bus station on Privokzalnaya Ploschad next to Yaroslavl-Moskovsky Railway Station, from here you can get buses to Rybinsk and Tutaev which run frequently.  Some buses to Moscow and Kostroma also leave from here.

Location 80A Moskovsky Prospekt (Московский просп., 80А)

  Yaroslavl River Port

Yaroslavl river port

Yaroslavl River Port is located close to the centre of the city on the Volga and mainly provides services for cruise ships sailing along the Volga.  The actual building of the station is no longer used for its purpose and is occupied with restaurants, night clubs and offices.

Ferries also run from Yaroslavl River port  which connect Yaroslavl with summer house (dacha) villages and with Tolga (Толга).  This ferry usually runs 5 times a day and takes just under an hour.  It stops immediately outside Tolgsky Monastery.

Location 2 Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya (Волжская набережная д.2)

  Yarolsavl Airport

Yaroslavl Airport Tunoshna

Yaroslavl Tunoshna (Туношна) Airport is located 17km from Yaroslavl.  The only destination the airport serves is St Petersburg. Bus No. 183 connects the airport with Yaroslavl Bus Station.  The bus leaves every hour from 7am to 7pm.

Location village of Bryukhovskaya (д. Брюховская)
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Getting to/from Yaroslavl

From Moscow

Yarolsavl is located on the Trans-Siberian Railway so there are lots of trains running between Moscow and Yaroslavl. You can take any passenger train but the best option is to get the express train - there two classes on the train, and the whole trip takes about 3 hours. You should buy tickets in advance especially if you want to go to Yaroslavl for a weekend. Also for this train you need to show your passport (which you don’t normally need to do on an elektrichka). The express has quite a convenient timetable as well.

From St Petersburg

There are some direct trains connecting Yaroslavl and St Petersburg but the most convenient is Tekstilny Kray (Ivanovo-St Petersburg). The train has quite a convenient schedule leaving about 22:00 and arriving around 11:00.

The only airline connecting St Petersburg (Pulokov airport) and Yaroslavl (Tunoshna Airport) by air is Rusline Airways. Flights operates 4 times a week on a Canadian Regional Jet and takes 1½ hours.

Getting around the Yaroslavl Region

To Rostov Veliky

About 10 buses a day leave for Rostov Veliky from Yarolsavl Bus Station. The final destination of these buses is Borisoglebsky where the bus has a short stop.

To Tutaev

Buses leave from Yaroslavl Bus Station to Tutaev Bus Station almost every hour. It takes approximately 1 hour. Buses arrive at Tutaev Bus Station which is located on the outskirts of the city of Borisoglebsk side.

To other cities of the Golden Ring

From Yaroslavl Bus Station you can continue your trip around the Golden Ring provincial cities such as Tutaev, Uglich, Rybinsk and Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Rostov Veliky Ростов Великий 10 a day 1½ hours
Kostroma Кострома 10 a day 2 hours
Tutaev Тутаев 11 a day 1 hours
Uglich Углич 13 a day 3 hours
Rybinsk Рыбинск 13 a day 2 hours
Pereslavl-Zalessky Переславль-Залесский 4 a day 2¾ hours