Transport in Rostov Veliky

Rostov Veliky is a small provincial city with a railway station and a tiny bus station. The city has a very good transport connection with neighbouring Yarolsavl and Moscow. Some public buses run around the city but as they are not very frequent it is better to use a taxi or just walk.

  Rostov Veliky Railway Station

Rostov Veliky Railway station

Rostov Veliky (Rostov-Yaroslavsky) Railway Station is located about 1km from the historical centre of the city. When buying a train ticket to Rostov make sure you get the right Rostov (Rostov Veliky and not Rostov-on-Don which is located in 1000km south of Moscow). The problem is that the names of the stations do not mention Veliky or on-Don it just sayы confusingly Rostov Glavny and Rostov Yaroslavsky. Rostov Yaroslavsky (Ростов Ярославский) is  the name given to Rostov Veliky Railway Station (Yaroslavsky because the railway belongs to the Yaroslavl Department of Russian Railways). Rostov Glavny (Ростов Главный) is the name of Rostov-on-Don Railway Station (Ростов-На-Дону) .

The station is on the Trans-Siberian Railway which is connects Moscow and Vladivostok, so you can hop on the train to Siberia just from Rostov. But note that normally trains stop here just for couple of minutes, so don’t hang about!

To get to the centre it is best to walk along Ulitsa Lunacharskogo (ул. Луначарского).

Location 1 Ulitsa Dostoevskogo  (ул. Достоевского, д.1)
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  Rostov Veliky Bus Station

Rostov has only one very small bus station - actually it is just a kiosk which functions as a ticket office. The kiosk is located just next railway station - on the left if facing the railway station. The bus station serves regional and interregional routes. Most buses are transit buses so tickets are normally sold when the bus arrives, but for some destinations it is possible to buy tickets in advance. 

Location 1 Ulitsa Dostoevskogo  (ул. Достоевского, д.1)
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The closest airport is located in Yaroslavl - 53km from Rostov.

Getting to/from Rostov Veliky

From Moscow

As the city is located on the Trans-Siberian Railway a lot of trains stop here daily, but the most convenient and quickest way is the express train from Moscow to Yaroslavl. It takes 2½ hours. Be aware that it stops in Rostov for just 1 minute.

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Suburban trains also run from Moscow's Kursky Railway Station to Vladimir Railway Station.  There are a couple a day and it takes around 3 hours.  In addition there are also some express trains, which run twice a day (with an extra afternoon train on Thurdays and Fridays) but these only leaves Moscow in the evening and at night. The express trains take around 2¾ hours. Tickets for the express trains must be bought as if for a long distance train.
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About 11 buses a day depart for Rostov Veliky from Moscow’s Schyolkovskaya Bus Station. Buses heading to Yaroslavl, Kostroma or Rybinsk normally make a stop in Rostov. It takes about 4 hours.

From St Petersburg

The is no direct transport to Rostov from St Petersburg. The best way is to take an overnight train (12½ hours) or plane (1½ hours) to Yaroslavl  and then take a bus (1 hour)

Getting around the Yaroslavl Region

To Borisoglebsky

Buses to Borisoglebsky go from Rostov Veliky bus station. It takes about 30 minutes.

To Yaroslavl

There are about 10 buses a dat leave from Rostov Bus Station to Yaroslavl Bus Station. It takes approximately 1½ hours

To Kostroma

About 7 transit buses a day go to Kostroma from Moscow via Rostov Veliky, though not all of them has convenient time of departure. It takes approximately 3½.

Yaroslavl Ярославль  10 a day hours
Borisoglebsky Борисоглебский 10 a day  hours
Kostroma Кострома 7 a day 3½ hours
Pereslavl - Zalessky Пересвлаль-Залесский 5 a day 1hour
Rybinsk  Рыбинск 2 a day 2½ hours
Uglich Углич 1 a day 1¾ hours