Transport in Vladimir

  Vladimir Railway Station

Vladimir Railway Station is located close to the city centre. To get there by foot, just walk up Kommunalny Spusk (Коммунальный спуск) to get to Bolshaya Sovetskaya Ulitsa (Большая Советская улица) - Vladimir's main street where most sights are located. Alternatively you can take trolleybus No. 5 which runs along Bolshaya Sovetskaya Ulitsa.

Vladimir is located on the Trans-Siberian railway and so many trains stop at Vladimir, although often late at night or very early in the morning.

Location 2 Ploschad Vokzalnaya (пл. Вокзальная, д.2)
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  Vladimir Bus Station

Vladimir Bus Station is located directly opposite Vladimir Railway Station. 

Location 3 Ploschad Vokzalnaya (пл. Вокзальная, 3)
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Getting to/from Vladimir

From Moscow

Many long distance transit trains connect Moscow with Vladimir although many of them arrive in Vladimir at inconvenient times. Long distance trains from Moscow usually leave from Moscow's Yaroslavsky Railway Station (Ярославский вокзал) - Komsomolskaya metro station (Станция метро Комсомольская) although some also leave from Kursky Railway Station (Курский вокзал) - Kurskaya metro station (Станция метро Курская).

Three high-speed premium trains also run between Moscow's Kursky Railway Station and Vladimir Railway Station:  the Sapsan, the Burevestnik and the Lastochka.  All three head to Nizhny Novgorod and they take between 1¾ hours and 2 hours to get to Vladimir from Moscow.  The Sapsan and the Burevestnik are most convenient for day trips, with the Burevestnik being cheaper than the Sapsan.

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Suburban trains also run from Moscow's Kursky Railway Station to Vladimir Railway Station.  There are a couple a day and it takes around 3 hours.  In addition there are also some express trains, which run twice a day (with an extra afternoon train on Thurdays and Fridays) but these only leaves Moscow in the evening and at night. The express trains take around 2¾ hours. Tickets for the express trains must be bought as if for a long distance train.
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Buses to Vladimir from Kursky Railway Station (Kurskaya metro station - станция метро Курская) leave almost every hour from the square next to the railway station. Also buses from Moscow's Schyolkovskaya Bus Station (Schyolkovskaya metro station - Станция метро Щелковская) go to Vladimir and neihbouring Suzdal every 1 or 2 hours. It takes around 4 hours.  We advise you to buy tickets in advance.  Buses from Moscow arrive at the square opposite to Vladimir Railway Station.

From St Petersburg

It is not very convenient to get to Vladimir directly from St Petersburg, it is best to go via Moscow.

Getting around the Vladimir Region

To Bogolyubovo

Buses to Bogolyubovo run along Vladimir's main street - Moskovsky Prospekt (Московский проспект). Take bus No. 18 or No. 152 which run every 25 minutes or so. It takes 20 minutes.

To Suzdal

Buses leave from Vladimir Bus Station to Suzdal Bus Station around every hour. It takes approximately 50 minutes. Buses arrive at Suzdal Bus Station which is located on the outskirts of the city. After a short stop, the buses normally then go onto Suzdal city centre.

To other cities of the Golden Ring

From Vladimir Bus Station you can continue your trip around the Golden Ring provincial cities such as Yuriev-Polsky, Gorokhovets, Murom, Kovrov and others. For some destination it is possibile to buy tickets online.

Aleksandrov Александров 6 a day 3 hours
Bogolyubovo Боголюбово every 30 minutes 20 minutes
Gus - Khrustalny Гусь Хрустальный several an hour 1½ hours
Gorokhovets Гороховец 1 a day (M-W-F) 3 hours
Kovrov Ковров 15 a day 1½ hours
Murom Муром 18 a day 2¾ hours
Suzdal Суздаль almost every hour 40 minutes
Yuriev-Polsky Юрьев-Польский 4 a day 2 hours
Ivanovo Иваново up to 18 a day 2 hours
Kostroma Кострома 2-3 a day 5 hours