Transport in Suzdal

  The only way to get to Suzdal is by bus or car as the city has no railway station which is one of the main reason why this amazing city still looks like it did a hundred years ago. The closest railway station to Suzdal is in Vladimir about 60km away.

How to get to Suzdal.

  Suzdal Bus Station

  Suzdal Bus Station is located just under 2km from the city centre, but you can easily walk along Ulitsa Vasilevskya (ул. Васильевская) and also have a look at the Vasilevsky Monastery on the way from where you can see the whole city from the top of the bell tower. Often buses stop at the station and then continue to the centre, so you don't necessarily need to walk at all. Suzdal bus station is small but has recently been renovated. 

Location 44 Ulitsa Vasilevskaya (ул. Васильевская,д.44)
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Getting to/from Suzdal


  It is easiest to visit Suzdal from Vladimir which is located approximately around 40 minutes away and provides the closest railway links to Suzdal. Vladimir Railway Station is located close to the city centre, opposite to Vladimir Bus Station from where you can get a bus to Suzdal. 

From Vladimir Bus Station you can get a bus direct to Suzdal which head there almost every hour. It takes around 40 minutes.

From Vladimir Railway/Bus Station you can also get a taxi straight to Suzdal. normally the driver will ask what hotel you are going to and then give a price depending on the level of hotel! Also expect to pay more and your Russian language skills.


  There are two options for getting to Suzdal from Moscow, the most convenient is to get a train (either a slow suburban one or the Sapsan highspeed train) to Vladimir and then get a bus or taxi to Suzdal. More information can be found about getting to Vladimir on the Vladimir Transport pageAlternatively you can get a direct bus to Suzdal from the capital.

Buses from Moscow's Schyolkovskaya Bus Station (Schyolkovskaya metro station - Станция метро Щелковская) run to Suzdal every 1 or 2 hours. In good traffic it can take around 4 -5 hours, so would mean it is a long and tiring day trip.  It is best to book tickets in advance.

To other cities on the Golden Ring

  From Suzdal Bus Station you can continue your trip around Golden Ring cities such as Yuriev-Polsky, Gorokhovets, Murom, Kovrov and others. For some destinations it is possibile to buy tickets online.

Vladimir Владимир almost every hour 40 minutes
Yaroslavl Ярославль  2 a day 4 hours
Kostroma Кострома 1 a day  4 hours
Kovrov Ковров 2 a day 1¼ hours
Murom Муром 1 a day 3½ hours
Ivanovo Иваново up to 11 a day 1¾ hours